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"Playing without betting is no golf" Alan Robertson



When a golfer steps onto the first tee he does not know what type of golfing adventure he is going to have. The golfer worries about the weather, will the rain hold off?. will my driver fail me? how about my short game, will I get the yips? how many balls will my lose, oh my God do I have enough balls? will my  powerless golfing partner show up to play ?.what if our opponents cheat ?... what if my partner cheats? ...will I be able to get my 1st tee shot airborne?....how's my grip, oh yeah baby get a grip !.......should I mention my back pain now?......should I hit an iron here just to keep the first shot in play?......will we play at a good pace or will hold up the entire golf course all day?.......will I clear the water?....why did I take that lesson, my game has gone to hell since then....and more uncertainties than most non-golfers can imagine.


"Never bet with anyone you meet on the 1st tee who has a deep suntan,
 a 1 iron in his bag, and squinty eyes." Dave Marr

However, there are two things that take place on the first tee that are a certainty. You will be asked, "What is your handicap?", and "What is the match, perhaps a friendly wager to make things interesting?".  Thus the game begins, "You're a grown man I'm not going to give you 4 strokes !" "Ok fine I'll take 3 but I get to determine when."  "BS on that, for a lousy $5 Nassau !" "That's $5 plus all the dots, plus I get 4 strokes !" "You're a bandit, you ought to wear a mask!" How many places on how many Saturday mornings, how many golf league nights. Golf a gentleman's game.....sometimes

The Golfer's Handicap

How to score a 5 dollar Nassau

The Friendly Golfing Wager

Simplified Score Card From The American Golfer Magazine November 1908

Money Golf, 600 Years of Bettin' on Birdies

The Calcutta Golf Tournament



1913 US Open

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