Hole 3 The  Golfers Excuse

 "To lose without an alibi is the test of a record that defeat can't scar.''  Grantland Rice. 
If he is right then most golfers must be one scar from head to foot.

The great game of golf, requiring skills of the the body and mind as well as an inner strength sometimes too difficult to to describe let alone call upon, also from time to time has a large enough element of luck.

The luck good or bad  is the part of the game called "the rub of the green", the tails of woo that are "the rub of the green" bring out a plethora of excuses that range from utter non-sense to pathetic, the blatant to the sublime. But in the end they are all...well....simply put excuses. And if you have played golf for long you've heard a "thousand of them", uttered more than a few and laughed to the point of tears at some. If you are new to the game of golf game you'll soon be amazed at the creative thinking that golfers often put into their excuses, not only those of others but your own as well.

What is also interesting about the golfers excuses, (besides the creative and humor) is how telling they are about the speaker, for example this little quote by golfing great Gary Player about those that "blame" a golf course " Anyone who criticizes a golf course is like a person invited to a house for dinner who, on leaving, tells the host that the food was lousy."


1913 US Open

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