American Golfer Magazine slams Massachusetts Golfers March 1913

The American Golfer March 1913
One thing which has brought home to Massachusetts players the fact that they are a little "behind the game" is their standing in the national handicap list, which is nothing to boast about and may be worse this season than last, when the new list is forthcoming. It is at the critical point in matches of an intersectional character that the Massachusetts players have a tendency to fall down, Massachusetts golfers have not shown up particularly well in national play.  Perhaps it is the scant time that they can devote, as a class, to tournament play.

Oh what a surprise Brookline must have been.................

A classic golfer photo of Harry Vardon, Francis Ouimet and Ted Ray.
Massachusetts Golfer Francis Ouimet being congratulated by 
England's Harry Vardon and Edward Ray for his United States Open Victory


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1913 US Open

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