The PGA started its official money list in 1934, 
 who was the original year end winner and how much had he earned ?

A photo of Paul Runyan making one of his famous sand trap shots.

Paul Runyan making one of his 
spectacular sand trap shots

  The answer is Paul Runyan, the man they called "Little Poison" earned a total of $6,767 if official winnings. To put this into perspective that would be worth about $109,000 today. This is less then the 16th place finisher made in the 2010 PGA Championship. Needless to say golf has come a long way baby.

His 1934 tournament victories were the St. Petersburg Open, Florida West Coast Open, Tournament of the Gardens Open, Cavalier Open, Metropolitan Open and the PGA championship at Buffalo's Park Country Club. The Metropolitan Open at the time was considered a major.

Runyan would go on to win a total of 29 times on the PGA Tour including the 1935 North & South and the 1938 PGA at Pennsylvania's famed Shawnee Country Club.

Besides being a strong and relentless competitive golfer, Paul Runyan became a golf instructor of renown holding positions throughout the United States at the most prestigious of golf clubs.

He was still giving golf lessons in Palm Springs California when be passed away at the age of 93.

The Official Program for the 1934 PGA Championship.

In 1938 PGA final match in which he beat Sam Snead. Snead said at one point during the match. "This isn't golf, it's magic,''  Later he would write, "I don't suppose anyone ever got more out of their golf game than Paul Runyan. He could get the ball up and down from a manhole."



A vintage photo of Paul Runyan and Sam Snead during the 1938 PGA Championship.

Paul Runyan and Sam Snead, 1938 PGA Championship


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